Case, Pallet & Load Optimisation, Vehicle Scheduling and Freight Management.

Our software enables you to optimise your cases, pallets, vehicles and containers, plan your delivery routes and reduce freight costs.


TOPS Pro assists packaging professionals and warehouse operators to create optimal package designs and pallet patterns.

Maxload Pro

MaxLoad Pro is a cargo load planning, container loading, freight calculation and cube optimisation software.

Vehicle Routing

Plan the best routes for your vehicle fleet to save transport costs and improve customer service.


GComet circle

GoComet reduces costs and manages freight more efficiently by providing procurement, container tracking and invoice reconciliation all on a single platform.


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    We can expertly detail the quantity and configuration of products that our customers will receive. We also find the software to be very valuable in presenting a choice of different delivery permutations to our customers.
    John Pogson, Sales Manager - Fibrestar Drums Ltd.
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    On average we are saving one container each month, which as any manufacturer will know, can be thousands of pounds. Also by eliminating partial loads on lorries we estimate additional savings of around £1,000 each month.
    Paul Weatherall - ArjoWiggins
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    The result is fewer lorries, reduced mileage and lower transport costs – the benefits of which can all be passed on to our customer. We can also provide detailed load plans so our customers know exactly which products are where on each load.
    Richard Jones, MD - Softbox Systems Ltd.
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    We have a major manufacturing operation in China and as a result incur high transportation costs. We will be able to use MaxLoad Pro to optimise our container loads and reduce these costs significantly.
    Ian Spittle, IT Manager - Aqualux
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    MaxLoad Pro allows us to review our options and plan our deliveries in good time to assist the consolidation building. The results we achieved in terms of pallet box utilisation could not be bettered, even by an experienced consolidation team.
    Philip Mann - Homebase
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    Samples have shown that a 15% reduction in pallet bases can be achieved when using the software as opposed to the human eye. The cost of the software is paid back in just a few months.
    Steve Jordan - Boots

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