TOPS Carton config with pallet 2 colourTOPS Pro

TOPS Pro is a packaging design software developed to assist packaging professionals in creating optimal package designs and pallet patterns. With TOPS Pro, users can easily determine the optimum pack size, arrangement, pallet configuration and vehicle fill while providing stacking strength recommendations for homogeneous products based on their dimensions and other shipping requirements.

Impressive graphics

With TOPS Pro, packaging engineers can oversee all stages of the package design on one single, easy-to-use user interface. The program uses a powerful, real-time 3D graphics engine to let you see what you are designing while you’re creating it. You can see 3D renderings of your design from any angle and any perspective to help ensure accuracy.

The big ‘What if’

Use TOPS Pro to perform “what if” scenarios like adding or removing an intermediate pack, changing carton dimensions, adding overhang to the pallet load or limiting the number of layers for each load.

TOPS case sizingGreater stability

Additionally, TOPS Pro can help users create sustainable packages by selecting the optimal board grade, generating stable pallet patterns to minimise product damage, and saving on shipping costs by optimizing all transit loads – all helping to improve your organisation’s bottom line and at the same time, be environmentally friendly.

See the whole knock-on effect

What makes TOPS Pro stand out among similar products is its extreme ease of use, and unlike other packaging software. TOPS Pro allows you to look ahead and see all stages of the package analysis on the same screen. You can easily visualise how changes made for one stage will affect the outcomes for all stages of the analysis.

LoadStak Pro

LoadStak Pro is the smallest and most cost effective module of TOPS Pro software. It designs pallet patterns based on the dimensions of a master carton and pallet restrictions. It is also used to calculate stacking strength and truck configuration. Cartons can be loaded into truck as floor loads or pallet loads.

TOPS Example reportBenefits

With LoadStak Pro, users can improve the bottom line by reducing packaging transportation costs and storage by 5-20%

  • Optimise pallet patterns to allow more products to be stacked and improve load stability.
  • Calculate stacking strength to determine the best board grade, cut corrugated cost and minimise damage during transit and storage.
  • Reduce transportation costs with optimised cargo loads.
  • Improve productivity by decreasing the time and errors in the packaging and loading process.
  • Improve communication among all functional groups.

User Friendly Software

  • Pop-up tool tips and menus provide online help and quick access to commonly-used functions.
  • A real-time 3D graphics engine provides quick and realistic renderings for primary packages, shipcases, pallets and cargo loads. Rotate 3D graphics to get different views of package designs and pallet solutions. Paste-on graphics provide realistic views of the solutions.
  • Easily share packaging and load solutions via e mail. Directly export reports in PDF, JPG and pre-defined Word templates. Easily integrate solutions and data with other systems via XML format.
  • Multiple Language Support – over 10 different languages including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch and more


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