TOPSePACTOPSePAC is the first internet-based application which provides a central location where users can create package designs and select the best pallet pattern and container load solutions. The portability and accessibility of TOPSePAC makes it a perfect tool for:

  • Corporate users scattered at different locations.
  • Sales representatives who are always on the road.
  • Big retailers to control landed costs and improve efficiency by collaborating with suppliers to optimise packaging, pallet patterns, container and truck loading.


  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – No software to install or maintain. Cut IT support cost and always stay up to date with the latest version of TOPSePAC
  • Better Data Management – Central location for storing all data with no distance or WAN limitations
  • Easy Maintenance – Maintain and manage software configurations and use default data at a single point
  • Value Added Customer Service – Sales representatives can perform package design and palletisation in seconds, all this in front of the customer
  • Data Sharing – Give customers and other departments view only access to the data
  • Integration – Analysis and solution data in XML format can be easily integrated with your in-house web-based systems
  • Enhanced Communication – Suppliers and buyers can communicate capacity studies efficiently by sharing secured data over the Internet
  • Savings – Save time and money by ensuring products are fully optimized for lowest landed cost
  • Easy Access – Available on the Internet and compatible with all operating systems

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